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Used Yard Trucks – Ottawa Yard Trucks

Used yard trucks are often the most affordable solution for moving around containers, freight, intermodal, manufacturing, or transportation trailers at your business. But you must be careful not to pay good money for someone else’s worn-out junk or problem vehicles. Metro Airport Truck keeps the finest inventory of used yard trucks in the greater Northern region. Freight specialists in and around Detroit, Toledo, and Grand Rapids trust us for like-new used and refurbished yard trucks.

Experienced Ottawa Yard Truck Dealer

We carry only the best used Ottawa yard trucks at Metro Airport Truck. Our 30+ years of experience in this industry shows in the used yard trucks we keep and sell. Whether you need late model units, refurbished units, or older units for light-duty tasks, we keep plenty of options in stock and ready for immediate delivery.

  • Yard Dogs
  • Yard Goats
  • Yard Hostlers
  • Yard Trucks
  • Yard Tractors
  • Spotter Trucks

As an experienced Ottawa yard truck dealer for new and used equipment, we understand getting the best possible yard truck for the greatest value. That’s why our used yard trucks undergo a thorough evaluation and servicing to ensure you get top quality for your money, even with used equipment. Stop by and check out our huge inventory of used yard trucks and see for yourself!

Superior, Experienced Ottawa Used Yard Truck Service

Even the best new and used yard trucks will need maintenance or service from time to time. Metro Airport Truck stocks an impressive array of the most commonly used parts for all models of Ottawa yard trucks, and our service technicians are trained and ASE Certified on all models so they can get your equipment back on the job quickly. We can ship most parts quickly, usually the same day, and our service teams can come to you, bringing everything needed to get your yard trucks serviced and ready to get back to work. We know time is money when your yard trucks are down, so we do all we can to put them back into service quickly and safely. Call us for yard truck service in and around the Detroit, Toledo, and Grand Rapids region.

We maintain the largest of inventories of used yard trucks available for immediate shipment nationwide. We maintain a comprehensive inventory to meet your immediate needs – including late-model units, refurbished units, and older units for light-duty users. We have been a yard truck dealer for over 30 years and are happy to bring our expertise to work for you in all your yard truck needs.

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